Packing & Shipping an Instrument

If you have just received an instrument on trial:Take the instrument out of its case, noting how it is packed in case you need to return it. Look it over for any damage that might have occurred during shipping. Please let us know by  e-mail that the instrument is safely in your hands, and any initial impressions.


Our newly designed shipping cases, boxes, and foam inserts are now available to our clients for $175. As well as being safe and reliable, they make packing and unpacking especially quick and convenient. Before packing the instrument, place the foam pads (or some other soft material) on either side of the bridge, and under the end of the fingerboard and tailpiece. Unless the instrument has been damaged,  do not loosen the strings.


We ship by Federal Express exclusively and ask that you do the same when returning an instrument. Except when sending an empty case, please use Standard Overnight service. For you convenience, we include a return airbill. Make sure to put your credit card number and expiration date on the bottom right of the form. The airbills are self-adhesive (just peel off the back layer), so no plastic pouch is needed. Keep the top copy of the airbill for your records.


If you are receiving an instrument from us on trial, our insurance policy covers it in during shipment and while in your possession. There is no need to get additional insurance from FedEx, so leave the “declared value” box on the airbill blank. Please make sure that no old shipping labels are visible on the box.

Before you ship, please let us know by e-mail that it is coming, along with the FedEx tracking number (found on top left of airbill).

You can either drop the box off at a FedEx location, or have them pick it up from your home or business. To arrange a pickup, call (800) 463-3339. Please NEVER ship on a Friday or the day before a holiday. NEVER request a signature upon delivery. NEVER send an instrument by the U.S. Postal Service.

If you are sending an instrument in your own box, please NEVER use foam packing chips! We recommend bubble wrap, but please Do not use adhesive tape to hold bubble wrap around the instrument case. Doing so makes the bubble wrap difficult to unpack and unsuitable for re-use. Simply wrap the bubble wrap around the case and then tape shut the box.


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