Introducing the Joseph Curtin Ultralight

An Ultralight weighs less than a traditional instrument for the same reason a Formula 1 car weighs less than your car: Performance. Reduced vibrating mass and state-of-the-art acoustical design give the Ultralight a malleable voice of operatic intensity. Play one and you will be heard!

Need to blend in?

Color coded micro-mutes allow you to incrementally mellow the timbre to best fit a particular ensemble, or a particular piece of music, or to simply avoid tiring your ear during long hours of practice.

Player adjustable

The effective length of the soundpost and its position in relation to the bridge can be quickly and safely adjusted – entirely from outside the instrument. String-heights above the fingerboard can be raised or lowered in seconds by means of a key inserted into the base of the neck. These and other innovations place a wide range of tonal adjustments at your disposal, even when you’re a continent away from the nearest violin shop.

Ergonomic design

The treble side of the Ultralight’s fingerboard is subtly widened and recurved along its upper reaches to give you unprecedented comfort in high positions. The integrated chinrest is custom-built to your specifications, and can be as low or as high as you like. The sheer lightness of the instrument makes it a joy to pick up.

Ultra-low maintenance

The Ultralight is built to resist the kinds of damage that are almost inevitable with traditional instruments. The bridge will not warp, nor will the strings dig into their grooves. The fingerboard has an abrasion resistant surface that can be removed and replaced in case of eventual wear, The chinrest assembly does away with the metal clamps that so often damage the top and ribs.  Strategically placed veneers prevent the soundpost and bridge from digging into and eventually cracking the top. A host of less obvious innovations ensure long-term structural and tonal stability.

Give one a try

Ultralight violins and violas are currently in the final stages of development, Please contact us if you are interested in trying one.