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Prices & Availability

The base price for a traditional violin or viola is currently $60,000. When available, an instrument can be sent to you for trial anywhere within the continental United States. We ask that cover half of the total shipping costs (outbound and return) using UPS Next-day Service.

Orpheus Papafilippou at Joseph Curtin Studios

Orpheus Papafilippou at Joseph Curtin Studios


Practically speaking, a commission may be the best way to find an instrument that suits your particular needs. Our process is simple and without risk. First, a conversation with Joseph Curtin lets him know in detail what you are looking for. A $1000 down payment then secures the price and a delivery date. The balance is due upon completion of the instrument. If for any reason you are unhappy with the instrument, return it within 60 days for a full refund in a further 60 days.

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Joseph Curtin offers a free initial checkup and adjustment, then a long-term commitment to keeping your instrument in its best voice. Should you ever decide to part with it, we can sell it on your behalf on a consignment basis. We ask a 25% sales commission plus the cost of any work needed to bring the instrument into optimal condition.

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Joseph Curtin is happy to help with tonal adjustments, maintenance, and repairs. To this end, each instrument comes with a specially designed shipping case and box, making it safe and convenient to get it back to us. For details, see Shipping an Instrument. Please note that it is not always possible to do adjustments or maintenance at short notice, so do contact us ahead of time to schedule the work.

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We provide free insurance appraisals in digital form. As values tend to go up over time, it is worth updating coverage every few years. If you’d like a new appraisal, please let us know your current contact information and the serial number on the label of your instrument. If you wish to ship your instrument back to us for maintenance, check that your policy covers loss or damage during transit. If you are trying one or our instruments, it is covered by our policy while it is in your possession and in transit (no need to purchase extra insurance from FedEx).