Looking for a concert violin or viola?

Joseph Curtin has built instruments for some of the most distinguished artists of our time, including violinists Erick Friedmann, Ilya Kaler, Cho-Liang Lin, Elmar Oliveira, Yehudi Menuhin, Ruggiero Ricci, and Angelo Xiang Yu, and violists Csaba Erdelyi, Don McInnis, and Steven Dann. In 2005, Curtin was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship. In 2013, the “ex-Ricci” Curtin & Alf violin sold in auction for $132,000, a world record price for work by living makers.

If you are currently in the market, traditional and ultralight violins and violas may be available for immediate purchase. Otherwise, one can be built for you on commission. The price is currently $36,000 for ultralights, and $60,000 for traditional instruments. Call us at (734) 665-1303 or send an email. Please note that we deal only with instruments by Joseph Curtin or Curtin & Alf.

Listen to some of our instruments in performance

Karisa Chui’s gold-medal performance of Brahms Concerto

Ilya Kaler’s impromptu performance of Kreisler’s Recitativo & Scherzo

Erick Friedman plays Debussy/Heifetz Beau Soir