Orpheus Leander, Violin

Orpheus Leander, violinist, is the leader of the Orfeas Quartet and artistic director of the Music of the Spheres Ensemble. Based in London, England, he has premiered solo and chamber music by Amir Sadeghi Konjani, Denise Mangiardi, Simon Spear, Theothoros Harithis, William Attwood, and Aziza Sadikova. As solo violinist for the ‘Balletboyz,’ he played Piazzolla tangos at Queen Elizabeth Hall. In 2008 he performed the Sibelius Concerto at the Richmond Music Festival. In August 2019 he gave a series of solo performances in Corfu at the Gina Bachauer International Festival invited by Constantine P. Carambelas – Sgourdas. Orpheus grew up in London and Athens, and studied at the Royal Academy and Trinity College of music. He plays a 2010 Curtin violin.

Orpheus Leander