George Stoppani

George Stoppani builds baroque and modern instruments, manufactures period strings, and is a leading researcher in violin acoustics. A self-taught computer programmer, he developed a highly sophisticated suite of software for modal analysis and for measuring the sound radiation of stringed instruments. Stoppani has been on faculty at the VSA-Oberlin Acoustics Workshop since 2006, and has worked with Joseph Curtin on many aspects of violin acoustics, particularly the development of acoustical measurement methods suited to violin-makers.

Stoppani studied Literature at York University and then turned to instrument making in the mid-1970s. He soon developed a relationship with Northern Renaissance Instruments in Manchester, where he built a large number of period instruments and became interested in period strings. Stoppani lectures internationally on violin acoustics, and has written for Strad Magazine, Early Music Today, the BVMA newsletter, and the CAS Journal.