Evan Davis

Evan Davis is an acoustical engineer who for many years led the structural acoustics research group at the Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company. A faculty member of the VSA-Oberlin Acoustics Workshop since 2005, he has collaborated with Curtin on several experiments and research projects.

Davis is a recognized expert in the field of Statistical Energy Analysis, a method for modeling and analyzing complex structural acoustic responses in the mid-to-high audio frequency range. His early fascination with guitars led to the construction of several instruments, and later to a PhD in guitar acoustics from the University of Washington. He joined the Catgut Acoustical Society in 1976, served as an associate editor for their journal, and is currently the editor of VSA Papers. Davis has worked with some of world’s leading guitar builders on ‘out of the box’ projects. He performs with several bands as a jazz drummer and a gypsy jazz guitarist, and is currently learning jazz piano.