Colin Gough

Colin Gough is an Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Birmingham, England, where he headed the UK’s largest interdisciplinary research group on superconductivity. Gough has enjoyed a long-term interest in violin acoustics, and in addition to teaching Musical Acoustics, has published major research articles on vibrating strings, the wolf note, and vibrato. Gough works closely with maker/researcher George Stoppani on better understanding the normal modes of the violin. He is on faculty at the Oberlin Acoustics Workshop, and an annual visitor to Joseph Curtin Studios.

In 2001 Gough received the annual Science Writing Award for Professionals in Acoustics for an article about violin acoustics. He wrote the Musical Acoustics section of the Handbook on Acoustics published by Springer, and is currently writing a book on violin acoustics. An accomplished amateur violinist, Gough led Cambridge University’s Hayward String Quartet and many other local groups. He resides in Birmingham, England, and remains active as a chamber music and orchestral player.