Ann Vancoillie, Violin

Ann Vancoillie performs in a wide variety of musical styles, from baroque to contemporary, including improvisation and jazz. Currently soloist/first violin in the Kunsthuis, Opera-Ballet of Ghent and Antwerpen, she has served as concertmaster of the New Flemish Orchestra and the World Youth Orchestera, and as principal second in the World Peace Orchestra and the Mahler chamber orchestra. She has played baroque violin in Les Musiciens du Louvre, Le Concert D’Anvers, Ex Tempore, and contemporary music in Champs d’action, Logos, and as a soloist.

Her chamber music affilliations include Duo Vancoillie – Dhoore, Duo Shiraz, Trio Rood, Trio Suriyè, and the violin/guitar duo,”A touch of Latin.” Vancoillie studied in Brussels, Ghent and Salzburg with Kati Sebestyen, André Gertler, Henri Raudales, Sandor Vègh, Nicolaus Harnoncourt and the Hagen quartet. She performs on 2018 Curtin violin based on the “Titian” Stradivari.

Ann Vancoillie