The People

Claudia Fritz

Claudia Fritz is a CNRS-researcher in Paris, and a member of the Lutherie-Acoustics-Music team at the University Pierre & Marie Curie. Following her post-doctoral work at the University of Cambridge (UK), she has been investigating correlations between player/listener perceptions and measured acoustical properties. While at Cambridge, Fritz used traditional psycho-physical tests. She is now collaborating with a cognitive psychologist in hopes of applying to the violin the kind of psycho-linguistic concepts that the food, automobile, and other industries have developed in order to understand how end-users evaluate their products. 

Fritz and Curtin have worked together closely since 2010, trying to better understand how players evaluate violins. They were the principal researchers in the Indianapolis and Paris double-blind experiments. Fritz has been on faculty at the VSA-Oberlin Acoustics Workshop since 2010.

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